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Know your real enemy!

     If you don't have a strong faith don't proceed......

The following sites are don't be fool by their title or topics :

Is Quran Miracolous? Sura like it!
This site is trying to challenge the quran...and says it is not a miracle........and he is producing some verses from people similar to quranic verses...claiming he took the challenge of allah.

Another Sura like it site!
When Al-Azhar organization and islamic party of egypt fought to withdraw the site from A.O.L. and succeeded but the site only left on some british server....that was the site producer response!

Islam challenges Christianity ....and the tougher answers!
Just look at the questions this site discuss:- Allah:Is he god?, Tolerance in Islam?, and The place of woman in pure Islam?....ofcourse all these topics discussed falsely...and with misconceptions of the principle of islam.

Sura Like it -UK.
This site supporting the above sites.

These above sites sponsored by the following (Don't be fooled by its title):-

Disney (Epcot Centre):
Just look At this Disney's advertisement about Epcot. (Ask For God Forgiveness).
(This Picture Supplied by Aldekkan)

Answeing Islam. (USA site)

Answering Islam. (Europe site)

Some others Anti-Islam Sites :-

Satyameva Jayate (Truth Alone Triumphs).
A site run by Hindu and are criticising Islam. Don't be fooled by there criticism.

Islam Faith Examined.
A Christian Site try to examine Islam from their point of view.

Islam Review.
A Christian Site Questioning Islam from their point of view. Don't be fooled by the way they start the discussion.

Don't be fooled by the title. Just look at the site and found how anti-islam is it?

*The Challenge is still on (Quran challenge the whole world and people and even ghosts to produce a sura if not a verse like the one in quran):

To know more about the challenge go to the following site....