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Some Islamic Sects...

1) Al-Wahabiya :
        Founded by Mohammed Abdul-Wahab and supported by Saudi Arabia Royal family. Here are some sites about their fact...:

The True Picture of Wahabi Movement.

The Truth About Wahabi movement (Al-Haqeeqah).

2) Nation Of Islam :
        Founded by Elijah Mohammed in the USA. Now led by Louis Farrakhan. Visit their website...
Nation Of Islam.

3) Attasia Way:
        An Islamic sect in Yemen, I am afraid I don't know much about. But you can visit their site to know more about them...
Attasia Tarikah.

4) Al-Ahmadiyah / Al-Qadayaniah:
        An Islamic Sect  Know all About them and how to answer them.
Anti-Ahmadiyah Site.

5) Baha'i Sect:
        An Islamic sect know all about them.
Anti-Baha'i Site.

6) Al-Deruz:
                    An Islamic Sect in mainly in Syria And Lebanon.